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The Advantages of Snowboard and Ski Racks

Snowboard and Ski Racks

You've packed everything you need for your ski trip. Your car is full, but you forgot the most important thing, your sporting equipment. If you've ever found yourself in this situation, it's time for a roof rack. This might be something you've already considered if you frequent the slopes every year and can't find space for your equipment, or you're concerned about your skis breaking. Whatever the reason, you just want to make the packing experience easier. Below we'll discuss the many benefits of roof racks for skiing and snowboarding. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a roof rack for your vehicle.


Protect Your Equipment


If you own a pair of skis or a snowboard, you already know how expensive the equipment is. A good pair of skis can average around $1000. You want to keep your skis in good condition so they don't dent, break, or flex. Roof racks cost a couple of hundred dollars. While this isn't cheap, you'll probably only need to buy one. And it will protect you and your family's skis. If your skis or snowboard breaks from failure to use a roof rack, the cost to repair or replace your equipment will be greater than initially purchasing a roof rack. That's a small price to pay to protect thousands of dollars worth of equipment. Roof racks also come with varying levels of protection. You can have UV protection, weatherproofing, and more based on the terrain you visit.


Improve Storage Space


Cold weather sports come with a lot of gear. You have layers, bulky coats, and bulky shoes. With a roof rack outside of your car, you maximize space inside for your belongings. Freed up space inside your car means easier packing. You can travel with peace knowing your equipment fits in your rack and you'll have plenty of space left inside your vehicle.


Safer Driving


If you've been travelling without ski racks, chances are your equipment has shifted or even sprung up. This can cause distracted and nervous driving. Drive easy knowing your items are securely fastened and protected in a roof rack. Terrain near Vancouver slopes often is bumpy. This is a recipe for equipment to go flying all over the inside of your vehicle. You can prevent this dangerous distraction by investing in a roof rack.


Multipurpose Use


Did you know your roof racks can be used to hold things other than winter sports equipment? Depending on the roof rack you get, your rack can hold much more. Some roof racks can hold canoes and paddleboards in the summer. Other's can hold small carry-on luggage. You can even put soiled items in the rack so they don't ruin your vehicle's interior. Look for a roof rack that fits into your lifestyle. This way you'll get use out of it all year long.


Many Benefits of Ski Racks


The advantages of ski racks are many. These roof racks protect equipment from damage, improve space in your vehicle, promote safer driving, and even can be repurposed for daily use. Burnaby Hitch has been a trusted source of Vancouver roof rack installations for over 30 years. Come to our Vancouver showroom for a look at our roof rack selection!


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