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Browse Our Selection of Racks & Quality Cargo Boxes in Vancouver 

Whether heading to the local Vancouver Mountains or to the backcountry, Burnaby Hitch has you covered. A small vehicle can usually carry as much gear as an SUV with a roof rack and cargo box while saving you a bundle on fuel costs. So, let us find the right rack or cargo box in Vancouver, along with any vehicle accessories necessary to get you and your equipment to your destination. We provide a wide range of bike racks, kayak carriers, and ski and snowboard carriers. To get a better idea about our products, have a look at our gallery


Burnaby Hitch specializes in high-quality cargo racks in Vancouver. We can provide you with secure cargo boxes in Vancouver to help you transport your materials safely and conveniently. Your cargo boxes are one of the most important components of your journey. Durable cargo racks in Vancouver can help you carry your materials across both short or long distances easily. Let our staff of professionals help you make the correct choice as per your needs. Whether you need to travel halfway across the country or a few blocks away, our high-performance and heavy duty cargo boxes are a secure and safe way to carry your sports equipment.

Roof rack for snow skis

Fulfill Storage Needs with Cargo Boxes in Vancouver 

At Burnaby Hitch, we understand that purchasing cargo equipment is of no use unless you take the equipment to your destination. Thus, we also provide you with vehicle accessories to carry the equipment to your destination. If you’re going just for a weekend vacation or a long road trip, our racks will get you and your equipment where you need to go, safely. By adding a roof rack system, there will be more legroom in the car, and your possessions will remain secure throughout your drive. What are you waiting for? Get a quote today and book your rack.  


Racks & Other Vehicle Accessories  

We provide a variety of carriers at the right prices that can be fixed on a number of vehicles to facilitate easy transportation of your cargo and a comfortable journey. Our range of carriers includes:  

  • Roof-mounted carriers 

  • Hitch-mounted bike racks 

  • Ski and snowboard carriers 

  • Cargo boxes 

  • Canoe and kayak carriers 

  • Bike carriers 

  • And more 

Shelving, Partitions and Ladder Racks

Shelving is the starting point for all mobile work solutions. Start with a solid foundation and you will be productive for years to come. Westcan’s shelving units are durable and come in a variety of useful sizes. Available in pre-configured trade packages or in a build-your-own selection of partitions, shelving units and accessories. We stock all the major brands and thus can assure you of the most suitable products as per your needs and requirements. Our wide selection of in products is unsurpassed in terms of quality. In addition to cargo boxes in Vancouver, we also provide bike racks, roof boxes and trailer hitches. Get in touch with us to know more.

Westcan Manufacturing

Why Choose a Cargo Box? 

When planning a road trip or camping trip, storage is one of the major concerns. Further, packing is a tedious process because the number of items you wish to take, more often than not, does not equal the amount of luggage that would be practical. You need to carry all the necessary items for a perfect vacation, but taking extra luggage may turn into a headache. If you are facing this situation, consider getting cargo boxes so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without worrying about storage. Drawing on over 40 years of experience, at Burnaby Hitch, we offer customized cargo boxes in Vancouver to help you store your equipment and gear.  

Towing Solutions 

If you need towing products and solutions, trust Burnaby Hitch to provide you with truck, van, and trailer accessories. You can rest assured of our vast product knowledge and quality craft. We offer the following services to our customers: 


 Providing You With Efficient Cargo Solutions 

Our years of experience have made us familiar with our customers’ needs - both in terms of cargo boxes and the accompanying accessories. We cater to diversified customers with varied requirements. That’s why we maintain a large inventory of cargo and accessory supplies. Trust our employees to find the exact rack, cargo box, carrier, or other accessories for your car or truck from our vast inventory. Serving you, we have never compromised on quality. To ensure this, we only carry the best brands on the market and offer them at affordable prices. 


We have been serving Vancouver and surrounding areas for years. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you decide the right products to suit your needs. Contact us to know more.

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