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Truck Accessories in Vancouver at Burnaby Hitch

Burnaby Hitch carries a wide variety of camper and truck accessories for all of your camping and travelling needs. Offering products for various makes and models, your only stop before an excursion will be at Burnaby Hitch. Whether you drive a Ford or a GMC, your truck will get the right equipment. From weekend camping trips to towing cars and trailers, you can have a fun and successful outing because your vehicle will have all of the accessories it needs to be safe and functional.

Truck and Camper Gear for All Occasions

Get to any location safely and keep your truck clean and functional in the process. The truck accessories you’ll get from Burnaby Hitch, like towing mirrors and seat covers, will keep you safe and your vehicle clean. We offer internal and external truck gear including:

  • Canopy Accessories

  • Towing Mirrors

  • Truck Suspension Supports

  • Truck Racks

  • Step Gates to Help Secure Loose Loads

  • Transmission Coolers for Towing

  • 5th Wheel tailgates

  • Firestone Airbag Kits & Accessories for Safety

  • Carhartt Seat Covers for Ford, GMC, Ram, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan & Dodge

  • Rock Guards for Truck Wheels or to Protect What You’re Towing

With so many types of campers out there, it can be difficult to know what gear goes with your personal camper. At Burnaby Hitch, our experienced employees will help you find the exact camper accessories you need because we carry many quality brands like Happijac Canada and Torklift International Canada. To have a great weekend camping, come to Burnaby Hitch where you’ll find:

  • Tiedowns- Fame Mounted, Anchor or Happijac

  • Glow Steps with 2 to 5 Steps

  • Wobble Stoppers

  • Camper Packers to Reduce Jack & Camper Frame Stress

  • Airstream Propane Locks that Secure 2 Mounted Propane Tanks

  • Hand Rails to Ease Getting into Your Camper

Stop by Burnaby Hitch today to check out our various products and find the suspension support or tiedown that fits your truck or camper.

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