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Truck Canopy in Vancouver

At Burnaby Hitch, we understand how important your truck is to you. It is a vehicle that you depend on for your daily operations and transportation. When used and accessorized correctly, your truck can provide you with countless benefits that not only enhance your productivity but help you get the most out of your vehicle. A truck canopy is just the solution as it offers protection from both the elements as well as theft, by providing a secure cover over your truck bed. At Burnaby Hitch, we carry various truck canopy accessories for Vancouver and the surrounding areas. You can find canopy clamps as well as canopy T handles and cam-only products.


If you'd like to learn more about our truck canopies in Vancouver and canopy accessories, please get in touch with us.

Why Choose a Truck Canopy?

Our truck canopy in Vancouver is a popular choice for truck owners and with good reason. This product offers countless benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced use of space: A truck canopy can help you convert your truck into an enclosed space. With the bed closed, you don't have to depend on the weather to be able to carry certain tools, products, and machinery.

  • Improved security: With a truck canopy, you can keep your possessions securely locked inside your truck's bed. You don't have to worry about potential theft when your items are shielded from prying eyes and uninhibited access. Without a truck canopy, your items will be exposed to bad weather and thievery.

  • Better fuel efficiency: An open bed results in 'wind drag,' which results in greater fuel consumption. A truck canopy guards your truck against the wind and enables you to improve your use of fuel.

  • Versatility: Our truck canopies are highly versatile, and we can customize them to meet your occupational and functional requirements. For instance, you can choose to opt for a contractor-grade topper, which will improve your operations.

  • Style: With truck canopies, you can make the necessary adjustments with the use of windows, racks, dividers, and other features. This offers you complete control over the appearance of your truck. We provide a range of truck canopy accessories that not only optimize your truck's functioning but add to its appearance.

If you'd like to find out more about truck canopies in Vancouver, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We would be delighted to have a chat with you!


Truck Canopy Accessories for Your Vancouver Truck

Now that you have your truck canopy, you’ll need some accessories to keep it secure and locked in place. Burnaby Hitch carries both canopy clamps and canopy handles and cams. When it comes to truck canopy accessories for Vancouver and area truck owners, our store makes sure to provide a wide selection of items. We understand that each truck and canopy is different, and therefore our inventory reflects this with different sized parts and unique features.

What you will find at Burnaby Hitch:

  • Canopy clamps – Clamps are great for truck caps and lids as well as tonneau covers. You can find clamps for standard cap sizes as well as those that require extra-reach.

  • Canopy handles and cams – Both T handles and cams are available to lock your canopy in place. These accessories ensure your canopy is in a fixed place while you drive.


Stay Organized with a Truck Canopy

A truck canopy is a great investment not just because it protects your tools, but it can also help keep you better organized. Don’t leave your tools scattered all around the bed of your truck for you to have to root through later. Use a canopy to store it all in one place. By staying organized with a truck canopy, you can provide a more efficient service while on the job site. An efficient service means a faster service and your clients will thank you for it. To ensure you stay organized with your truck canopy, be sure to turn to Burnaby Hitch for all necessary


Visit Burnaby Hitch to See Our Truck Canopy Accessories

Don’t expose your tools to extreme weather, keep them safe with a truck canopy – and keep that canopy secure with truck canopy accessories. Vancouver small contractors can visit Burnaby Hitch to find all the accessories they need to maintain their canopy. Over the years, we have provided our services and products to numerous clients. There are many reasons to choose our products, such as:

  • We have the expertise that comes with experience.

  • We adhere to the highest standards.

  • We provide quality products that last you a long time.

  • We provide a comprehensive range of solutions.

  • We offer excellent customer service.

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