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Not Just Hitches Anymore!


At Burnaby Hitch, you can choose from a variety of vehicle accessories for your car.

Read the Burnaby Hitch Blog for Truck & Trailer Tips

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to install a roof rack or want to know more about your truck accessories, read the Burnaby Hitch blog for truck and trailer tips. Stop by our store today for help finding different hitches and accessories, or for the parts you need.

  • Snowboard and Ski Racks
    The Advantages of Snowboard and Ski Racks

    You've packed everything you need for your ski trip. Your car is full, but you forgot the most important thing, your sporting equipment. If you've ever found yourself in this situation, it's time for a roof rack. This might be something you've already considered if you frequent the slopes every year and can't find space for your equipment, or you're concerned about your skis breaking. Whatever the reason, you just want to make the packing experience easier. Below we'll discuss the many benefits of roof racks for skiing and snowboarding. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a roof rack for your vehicle.


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  • Roof Racks
    How to Choose the Right Roof Racks for Your Car

    Don't let insufficient roof racks inhibit your adventuring. The right rack will let you bring anything and everything you need for a real excursion. The question is, how do you find the right roof racks in Burnaby to suit your needs? Here are a few ways to choose from the different types of roof racks so you get the perfect set for your lifestyle.


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  • Hitching Trailer
    Tips for Hitching a Trailer Correctly

    There's a trailer sitting on your driveway, and you're the guy who has to hitch it up. Eye twitching, you prepare yourself for long hours of torture, angst, and the sudden disappearance of anyone in your vicinity who could be a spotter. Images of a runaway trailer careening across the interstate flash through your mind, and you start to sweat. Never fear! Here are several key tips to ensure you know what you're doing when you're hitching a trailer.


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  • Trailer Hitches
    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Trailer Hitches

    Eight of the top ten best-selling vehicles in Canada in the first quarter of 2021 were pickups and crossover SUVs. One attractive feature of these vehicles is their towing capacity. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you'll probably need to tow something at some point. For work or play, towing is an indispensable feature. When it's time to look at trailer hitches, do you know what to look for? Learn about the factors to consider when choosing a trailer hitch. You'll have what you need to pick the right hitch for your vehicle.


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  • Thule roof rack
    Thule Roof Rack -Tips To Buying the Right One

    Thule makes some of the best roof racks in the world. This company was founded in Sweden in 1942 and has been growing ever since. Today they have over 4,700 points of sale in 136 countries around the world. It's no surprise that we see Thule roof racks on the road all the time and everywhere that we travel.


    If you're thinking about buying a Thule roof rack, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There many different sizes and styles to choose from, and since you're probably going to have this roof rack for a very long time, you want to make sure you choose the best one.


    Read on to learn more about Thule roof racks and the thought journey you should take when contemplating which one to buy. Your decision will be much easier after reading this. 



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  • types of hitches
    The Different Types of Hitches: Everything to Know

    You might think you can buy a single type of hitch for your truck to accomplish all your needs, but that may not be the case. You have various options for hitches to choose from, and each hitch suits its own purpose. You'll want to study up and research the type you need for the best results.


    Whether you're brand-new to buying hitches or searching for a specific hitch, you can learn everything you need to know about the different types of hitches here.



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  • ski racks vs. cargo boxes
    Ski Racks vs. Cargo Boxes - Which One to Choose?

    Did you know that the ski industry is worth a whopping  $20 billion  in the US?


    There's no doubt that we're a nation of ski lovers! From hitting the steep slopes to take leisurely journeys through the mountain scenery, it's a popular sport not only in America but around the world.


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  • bike rack
    Signs That It's Time for a New Bike Rack

    Are you a bike riding enthusiast in British Columbia? If so, you aren't alone! More than seven million Canadians report that they have gone biking in the past three months. 


    One of the most fun parts about bike riding is doing it in different locations. Riding in a new place means transporting your bike to that area safely and efficiently. 



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  • Roof rack
    Which Roof Rack Will Fit My Car?

    It’s no secret that most vehicles do not have enough space to carry large items such as kayaks, bikes or snowboards. Roof racks are the solution to this problem as they let your car carry them on the top so that the passengers do not have to be squeezed in. 

    The inventory at Burnaby Hitch offers a selection of quality roof racks along with vehicle accessories that can get you to your destinations. Having been in the business for over 30 years, we knowwhat exactly our customers need. We provide various equipment and services including RV towing, LINE-X spray on bedliners and more. You can always count on us for getting the job done right the first time.

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  • Bike Racks Vancouver
    How to Choose a Bike Rack

    Are you looking to buy a bike rack? If so, you may be wondering what type would be best suited for your purposes. Here’s a guide to the three most popular types and what you should know about each one.

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  • roof-rack-open
    Preventing your roof rack and gear from being stolen

    Many outdoor enthusiasts swear by their roof racks. These handy contraptions allow you to head out into nature and enjoy your favourite sport or activity. However, it’s very important to ensure that all this expensive equipment — and the roof rack itself — doesn’t get stolen. Here are some tips for preventing the theft of roof racks and cargo boxes and the gear they carry.

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  • thule-roof-rack-countryside
    Why you should choose Thule

    With ski season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about a rack that’ll make hauling your skis to the mountain a snap. The name Thule is synonymous with high quality roof racks and cargo boxes, so while there are many brands available to people in Vancouver, there are a number of compelling reasons to choose Thule.

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  • Roof-box-road
    3 Benefits of having a roof box on your car

    When you bought your car, you may have considered the size of the trunk with respect to your day-to-day life, but a car with a trunk that’s big enough to carry your groceries home isn’t necessarily big enough for weekend skiing or long road trips. Roof and cargo boxes allow you to gain extra space in your car when you’re leaving heading out of Vancouver on an outdoor adventure.

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  • ski rack Vancouver BC
    How to Choose the Right Ski Rack for Your Car

    When it comes to ski racks in Vancouver, your two main options are either going to be a roof-mounted ski rack or a hitch-mounted ski rack. Picking the right one can make your ski trips go a lot more smoothly, but how do you decide? From the providers of ski racks in Vancouver at Burnaby Hitch, here are some important pros and cons of roof- and hitch-mounted ski racks that you should consider.

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  • 08/05/2017
    Roof Racks Vs. Hitch Racks: Which One is Better for You

    Roof racks and hitch racks are two fantastic option for transporting large items and extra gear or luggage that won't fit inside of your vehicle. Sometimes your vehicle may only be suited to one type of rack. If, however, you have the option for either one, then you've got a choice to make. Let the experts at Burnaby Hitch help you choose. Here are three questions to ask yourself when trying to decide between a roof rack and a hitch rack.

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  • 10/01/2017
    The Benefits of Truck Accessories in Vancouver

    Many people in Vancouver use truck accessories to improve various aspects of their truck. Truck accessories from Vancouver's Burnaby Hitch, such as towing mirrors, tonneau covers, floor mats, truck racks, tool boxes, and seat covers can help enhance your truck's functionality for any of your usual activities, from camping to heavy-duty towing.

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  • 22/11/2016
    10 Quick Tips on Roof Racks in Vancouver

    In the Vancouver area, roof racks are useful for transporting cargo safely and efficiently. They help ensure that you won't be overstuffing the cabin and making the ride uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for your passengers.

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  • 26/10/2016
    Improving Look & Performance with Truck Accessories

    Trucks are the vehicle of choice for people from all walks of life. Many use trucks for a combination of work and fun, as they can handle tough workloads and tough terrain. Truck accessories can help optimize a truck for whatever activity you use it for.

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  • 26/10/2016
    4 Tips for Choosing the Right Bike Rack for Your Vehicle

    For many of the active outdoor enthusiasts who live in Vancouver, bike racks from a bike rack supplier such as Burnaby Hitch are a very worthwhile investment. They allow you to take your bike out for a spin along the ample scenic paths both within and outside of the city. They allow you to take your bike out for a spin along the ample scenic paths both within and outside of the city.

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