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Browse Our RV Supplies & Accessories in Vancouver

An RV is your home away from home when you go vacationing to the great outdoors. Equipped with many comfortable features like beds, dining areas, and bathroom facilities, an RV gives you the conveniences you need to keep the family happy while maintaining the freedom to travel wherever you please without having to worry about too many pit stops. An RV also eliminates the need to frequently pack and unpack while travelling. No need to scramble to get your belongings together in order to make it out of the hotel room by check-out time. At Burnaby Hitch, we help you get ready for your vacation with supplies and accessories for RV towing in Vancouver and abroad.


Browse our Supplies & Accessories for RV Towing in Vancouver & the Surrounding Areas

If you need to travel with more than just your RV, Burnaby Hitch offers a wide selection of accessories to accommodate your vacation plans. Looking to bring along your car so you can easily travel to and from your RV campsite into town to partake in the local attractions? We have lights, braking systems, and more to ensure the utmost safety while you tow your vehicle behind your RV. 


Here are some supplies for RV towing in Vancouver and beyond:

  • Towbars – We have two kinds of towbars available: mounted towbars and car mounted towbars. While car mounted towbars act similar to an A-frame trailer, mounted towbars are inserted into your RV’s trailer hitch and stays mounted. You don’t need to use a coupler. Towbars are great for towing small vehicles behind your RV.

  • Baseplates – From brands like Roadmaster, Demco, and BlueOx, baseplates are available any kind of outing. Baseplates mount to your towbars and can be customized to fit the front end of a car, truck, or SUV. Remember baseplates are manufacturer specific so it’s important to choose one that works with your towbar without the need of an adapter.

  • Towbar accessories – Get towbar-to-baseplate adapters, rock guards, and other accessories for RV towing in Vancouver and abroad. Adapters allow you to mix and match towbars and baseplate brands to fit your specific towing needs. Rock guards shield the vehicle or trailer you’re towing from stone chips and dirt kicked up by the RV’s wheels.

  • RV towing electrical – For safe towing, make sure you have the right electrical components. We have towed vehicle wiring, magnetic lights, and other features. When towing a vehicle or trailer behind your RV, you may obscure the RV’s backlights. Magnetic lights can attach to your towing apparatus to alert drivers behind you of when you’re starting and stopping.

  • Towed vehicle braking system – Tow safely with a vehicle braking system that brakes your towed vehicle or trailer as your RV brakes. You can find great braking system options from Blue Ox and Roadmaster.


RVing Has Never Been So Easy! Visit Burnaby Hitch Today

For a worry-free road trip, choose from towbars and baseplates made by the industry’s most reliable manufacturers. Don’t forget, your braking system can save your life! Be sure to use the best! At Burnaby Hitch, we’ve got the best braking systems available to keep you safe.


We also have electrical components for RV towing plus all the small parts that make the whole system work, including safety cables, locks, and adapters. Stop by Burnaby Hitch today to see what’s available.

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