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3 Benefits of having a roof box on your car


When you bought your car, you may have considered the size of the trunk with respect to your day-to-day life, but a car with a trunk that’s big enough to carry your groceries home isn’t necessarily big enough for weekend skiing or long road trips. Roof and cargo boxes allow you to gain extra space in your car when you’re leaving heading out of Vancouver on an outdoor adventure.

How you'll benefit from a cargo box

Here are the three best reasons for putting a roof box on your car.

It'll keep your car dry : if your family likes to hit the trails, at the end of the day your skis and boards can make the inside of your car wet and dirty. Carrying all your gear in a roof box will keep your car dry and comfortable. The box also serves to protect your skis from damage from road salt and flying rocks they’d face if they were only secured on a ski rack.

It'll keep thing handy: if you’ve ever been on a road trip with a few people in the car, you know how much stuff you need. Even if you have enough room in your car for everyone’s luggage, it can get so crowded that it’s hard to find the things you’re looking for. Pack the roof box with stuff you’ll only need when you get to your destination and keep snacks and sweaters handy in the cabin. You’ll have more room in the car for passengers, and you’ll easily find the things you’re looking for when you’re on the road.

It'll keep the car clean: if you’re heading on a camping trip, you need to bring firewood, tents, tarps and other things that drag dirt and grime into the car. Whether you’re heading to the campsite, or making your way home, keep anything that came into contact with dirt out of your car and in the roof box. It’s easier to clean the box when you get home than it is to detail the upholstery of your car.

If you need to gain some extra space, or want to protect your car from the moisture and dirt that comes with the adventure lifestyle, we can help. Burnaby Hitch has cargo and roof boxes for all types of cars and trucks in Vancouver.

Call or visit us today to find out more.


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