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Preventing your roof rack and gear from being stolen


Many outdoor enthusiasts swear by their roof racks. These handy contraptions allow you to head out into nature and enjoy your favourite sport or activity. However, it’s very important to ensure that all this expensive equipment — and the roof rack itself — doesn’t get stolen. Here are some tips for preventing the theft of roof racks and cargo boxes and the gear they carry.

Roof racks

If you’re buying a new rack, make sure it has security locks. This is essential to prevent the things you have strapped on from getting stolen. But even if there’s nothing on your roof rack, the rack itself could still get pinched. If it isn’t properly secured, thieves can remove it.

Cargo boxes

Almost all cargo boxes have built-in security locks. If you’re buying a new one, be sure to select a robust model with high-quality locks. You could also mark or decorate your box so that it can easily be recognized as yours. For example, you could cover it with stickers or even paint it.

Roof cargo bags (oversized waterproof bags that you strap onto a roof rack) are much less secure than roof cargo boxes. While you can put padlocks on the zipper pulls, anyone with a knife can cut open the bag. You should never leave a cargo bag on your car unattended.


If you have skis, bikes, surfboards, kayaks, a canoe or any other equipment strapped directly on the rack, you shouldn’t leave your car unattended for an extended amount of time. It’s essential to have lockable straps or cables that can’t be cut with a knife for moments when you’re away from your car.

Also, consider getting insurance for your equipment. If a theft occurs, you’ll be compensated for the loss. Note that sometimes you can have your gear covered under your home insurance plan.

A final tip: when buying roof racks and cargo boxes, stick with high-quality, trusted brands like Thule to minimize the risk of theft.

Roof racks and cargo boxes in Vancouver

If you’re looking for a sturdy and secure roof rack or cargo box, Burnaby Hitch can set you up! We have a wide range of roof-mounted and hitch-mounted bike racks, cargo boxes, kayak carriers and ski and snowboard carriers. We take pride in carrying only the best brands and offering affordable prices. Contact us today!


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