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Thule Roof Rack -Tips To Buying the Right One

Thule roof rack

Thule makes some of the best roof racks in the world. This company was founded in Sweden in 1942 and has been growing ever since. Today they have over 4,700 points of sale in 136 countries around the world. It's no surprise that we see Thule roof racks on the road all the time and everywhere that we travel.


If you're thinking about buying a Thule roof rack, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There many different sizes and styles to choose from, and since you're probably going to have this roof rack for a very long time, you want to make sure you choose the best one.


Read on to learn more about Thule roof racks and the thought journey you should take when contemplating which one to buy. Your decision will be much easier after reading this. 



Choose the Right Size

It won't be much of a help to you if you get a roof rack that doesn't fit on your vehicle. One of the first things you will want to consider when shopping for a Thule roof rack is size.


Fortunately, Thule makes this step very easy; you don't even have to measure. Thule's buyer's guide on their website is a wonderful tool for shoppers. Simply select the make, model, and year of your car, and you will get a list of roof racks that will work for you.


Everything You Need to Know About Roof Rails

A roof rack is made of bars that cross over the roof of your car. These are attached to roof rails; roof rails run the length of your vehicle on both sides. 


There are two different types of roof rails. The most common kind are raised roof rails. They rise up from the roof, creating a gap between the rail and the roof. This type of roof rail is great because you can fit almost any type of crossbar roof rack on them. 


If you have the other kind of roof rail, you'll be somewhat limited in the type of Thule roof rack you can choose. Flush roof rails are better for aerodynamics, but attaching a roof rack to this type of rail is more challenging. Thule is aware of this issue and has created roof racks that work great on flush roof rails as well.


Thule Roof Rack Styles

There are many different Thule roof racks and what you choose should be based on your needs and your budget. 


Thule Square Bars are their simplest offering. These are just bars offered in a variety of different lengths. You'll also need to purchase a mounting kit to attach these to your existing raised roof rail, but many people love these for their ease and simplicity.


The Thule Complete CrossRoad roof rack is a complete setup that you can add to your raised roof rails. They're easy to install and are very strong and durable. 


Thule's Aeroblade Edge Flush Mount is an excellent option for vehicles with flush roof rails. These are made of aluminum so they are very lightweight and aerodynamic. The Thule Aeroblade Edge Raised Roof Rack is almost identical but it is designed for cars with raised roof rails instead of flush roof rails.


If you're planning on transporting skis and snowboards, you might want to consider the Thule SnowPack Roof Rack or the Thule Universal Flat Top. Both of these attach to existing crossbars and will give you far more options for carrying your stuff on your roof. The Thule 835 Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier addition is perfect for transporting kayaks, and the Thule 811XT Board is a wonderful add-on for surfboards and paddleboards.


Happy Roof Rack Shopping

A Thule roof rack is an excellent investment and is something you will use and enjoy for years to come. Take your time choosing among them and think about the needs of you and your family. Once you own a Thule roof rack, you'll wonder why you didn't buy one sooner. 


If you'd like some further guidance in choosing a roof rack, please give us a call at Burnaby Hitch. We'd love to help you make a choice you'll love.


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