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Suitable Bike Rack in Vancouver

All you have to do is bring your trucks and car, and we will find the right bike rack for you!

Reliable Car Bike Racks in Vancouver

Travelling miles away from home for a biking adventure is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. All you have to do is mount your bike on the bike rack; you can go to any destination with your bike! Our bike racks are robust and secured, so you can rest assured once you mount your bike on the car!

At Burnaby Hitch, we sell bike racks for Vancouver’s cycling enthusiasts. You can find a wide selection of racks and carriers to fit just about any vehicle. Our products and services are dedicated to making your travelling experience comfortable.

We also have provided towing solutions and truck accessories to our customers for over four decades. We carry branded products, including racks, cargo carriers and trailer parts.

Give us a call if you're looking for a high-quality bike rack or carrier for your vehicle in Vancouver.


Choose from the Wide Inventory

Are you looking for reliable car bike racks in Vancouver? At Burnaby Hitch, we can provide you with high-quality carrying and towing equipment across greater Vancouver and the lower mainland.


We offer the largest selection of bike racks, whether you need a hitch bike rack, a roof bike rack, a trunk bike rack, or truck bed bike racks. With some of the best international and local brands, we have a considerable inventory of bike racks to help you make a wise choice.


With a proper bike rack or carrier, drive with confidence that your bike is snug in place even when travelling over rocky roads. Adding racks not only helps you in hauling luggage but also enhances the bike’s utility. We can help you find affordable bike racks suitable for your needs and budget.


Finding the Right Bike Carriers and Car Bike Racks in Vancouver

Every cyclist is different. That’s why Burnaby Hitch stocks such a wide array of bike carriers and bike racks in Vancouver. You can find equipment to fit passenger vehicles, trucks, and RVs. You can also find racks and carriers that can be attached to the roof, rear, or hitch of a vehicle.


In addition, we stock bike carriers that can be fixed to the flatbed of a truck. Some of the equipment types you’ll see at Burnaby Hitch include:

  • Roof-mounted bike carriers – When you don’t have a trailer hitch or a truck bed, a roof-mounted bike carrier can easily hold your bike during travel. It can be attached to the crossbars of a roof rack.

  • Hitch-mounted bike carriers – A hitch-mounted bike carrier can come in various sizes. Some can hold one bike, while others can carry up to five. These hitch carriers are easy to install.

  • Trunk bike racks – If your car doesn’t have a tow bar or a hitch or a roof rack, a trunk bike rack may be the answer. This type of rack can transport one or more bikes easily.

  • Truck bed bike racks – Secure your bikes in the bed of your pickup. These racks fit securely into the flatbed for easy transportation.

  • RV ladder bike racks – Plan a lot of off road vacations? Enjoy the great outdoors with your RV? You can enjoy biking too with our RV ladder bike racks.

  • Bike rack accessories and storage – From anti-rattle devices and stabilizer straps to cable locks and locking pins, Burnaby Hitch has all the accessories and storage options to keep your bike secure on our racks and carriers.


Burnaby Hitch is a trusted retailer of hitches, racks and auto carriers to help you carry your outdoor gear. If you are an active family, you know the importance of high-quality towing equipment. 


Our selection of brands ensures that you can find exactly what you need at fair and competitive prices. At Burnaby Hitch, our rack technicians assemble and put together unique racks.


Types of Our Bike Racks in Vancouver

You can carry your bikes with you wherever you go! The only thing you need to focus on is the type of bike rack suitable for you.

Check out the types of the bike racks:

  • Roof-mounted bike racks
    They are the most versatile bike rack options available in the market. It is suitable for all models and keeps your bikes safe even on bumpy roads. In addition, they do not cause any virtual obstruction to the driver.

  • Hitch-mounted bike racks
    These are suited for slightly bigger vehicles like SUVs or MVPs and crossovers. They are appropriate for carrying four bikes and are safe from theft due to their lock feature. Due to its distance from the car, it prevents scratching.

  • Trunk bike racks 
    They are commonly suitable for small hatchbacks or sedans. You can carry 2 to 3 bikes. In addition, they are lightweight.

  • Truck bed bike racks
    This helps protect and stabilize your bike. With truck bed bike racks, you can prevent your bike from getting damaged as it doesn’t get jostled in your truck bed. You can haul or transport multiple bikes at once.

  • RV ladder bike racks
    You can hang them both vertically and horizontally, depending on their type. They are usually made from lightweight aluminum and are rustproof. With RV ladder bike racks, you can also have easy access to your tow vehicle, if there is any.


Before Buying Bike Racks

Bringing a bike outdoors for your next vacation is fun. But, if you are having trouble carrying them, Burnaby Hitch can help you! Some of the points you should consider before buying bike racks in Vancouver are:

  • The type of bike rack you want for your vehicle.

  • The number of bikes you have and want to carry.

  • The model or type of car you use and drive.

  • You can check for anti-theft features in your bike racks.

  • The durability of the bike rack, based on its type.

Consider the individual pros and cons of different kinds of bike racks Burnaby Hitch offers in Vancouver. Visit our store today.


Why Buy From Us?

When you buy from us, we provide you with the assurance of high-quality products and fair pricing. Our competitive pricing in Vancouver is our unique selling point.


We strive to provide all our patrons with a consistently high level of service. Our professionals can help you select the products best suited to your specific requirements.


Call Us to Find the Right Rack for Your Vehicle

Do you need a car bike rack in Vancouver? Not all bike racks and carriers are the same. Finding the right bike rack to fit your vehicle and needs can be tricky.


At Burnaby Hitch, our staff is familiar with a variety of bike racks and carriers. We can easily help you select the right product, explaining the pros and cons of each brand and style.


From finding bike racks with the lowest costs to choosing a carrier that’s easy to install, let us help you explore the options available.


Visit Burnaby Hitch Today – Your One-Stop Shop for Carriers & Bike Racks in Vancouver

Find everything you need to keep your bike secure while travelling. Browse the gallery section to learn more about our products. Stop by Burnaby Hitch today to see what’s in stock.


Suitable Bike Rack in Vancouver 

All you have to do is bring your trucks and car, and we will find the right bike rack for you!

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