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The Spray On Bedliner Advantage at Burnaby Hitch

 Line-X Spray-On Bedliners are rated #1 in customer satisfaction because they have consistently outperformed the competition.

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty, a LINE-X bedliner will not tear or rip like other “softer” spray-on liners. LINE-X, unlike plastic drop-in bedliners, won’t trap moisture and promote corrosion.

What makes LINE-X so great?

  • Over 2 Million Truck Beds Protected

  • Guaranteed Protection in About Three Hours

  • Forms a Permanent Bond, Molds Precisely to Every Contour

  • Accessories Fit Great!

  • High Quality, Consistent Performance

  • Serious Impact Protection, Quieter Ride

  • Environmentally Friendly!

  • Resistant to Most Common Chemicals

  • Yes... it’s Repairable!

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