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What makes Spray On Bed Liners so great? 

Over 2 Million Truck Beds Protected


Guaranteed Protection in About Three Hours


Form a Permanent Bond, Molds Precisely to Every Contour


Accessories Fit Great!


High Quality, Consistent Performance


Serious Impact Protection, Quieter Ride


Environmentally Friendly!


Resistant to Most Common Chemicals


Yes... it’s Repairable!

Protect Your Truck with Burnaby Hitch's Spray-on Bed Liners in Vancouver

Are you looking to safeguard your truck against the wear and tear of everyday use? Look no further than Burnaby Hitch's top-of-the-line spray-on bed liners, now available in Vancouver. Our bed liners offer unmatched protection for your truck bed, ensuring longevity and preserving its value for years.


Advantages of having a bed liner for your truck:


  • Ultimate protection: Our spray-on bed liners create a durable barrier between your truck bed and any cargo you haul. Whether you're transporting tools, equipment, or recreational gear, our bed liners shield against scratches, dents, and corrosion, even in the harshest conditions.

  • Custom-fit: Each bed liner is custom-fitted to your truck, ensuring a seamless and precise application. Our expert technicians meticulously spray the liner to match the contours of your truck bed, providing maximum coverage and protection.

  • Prevents rust and corrosion: Exposed truck beds are susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in rainy or humid climates like Vancouver. Our spray-on bed liners create a watertight seal that keeps moisture from seeping into the metal and causing damage over time.

  • Non-slip surface: The textured surface of our bed liners protects your cargo and prevents it from shifting during transit. Say goodbye to sliding toolboxes or moving furniture—our bed liners offer enhanced grip to keep your cargo securely in place.

  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning your truck bed has always been challenging. Our spray-on bed liners resist stains and chemical spills, making cleanup a breeze. Rinse with water or wipe down with a mild detergent; your truck bed will look as good as new.

  • Enhanced resale value: Investing in a high-quality bed liner from Burnaby Hitch can significantly increase the resale value of your truck. Potential buyers are willing to pay more for a truck that's been well-maintained and protected, making it a wise investment for the future.


At Burnaby Hitch, we understand the importance of protecting your investment. We offer premium spray-on bed liners that deliver unparalleled durability and performance. Contact us today to learn more about our bed liner options and schedule an appointment at our Vancouver location. Your truck—and your peace of mind—will thank you.

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