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Premium Snowboard and Ski Racks in Vancouver

Going on a ski trip with loved ones is a winter activity most of us look forward to. There are many reasons to try skiing this winter season. However, the most critical aspect of skiing or snowboarding is getting your equipment up to the mountains. We at Burnaby Hitch provide a comprehensive range of snowboard and ski racks in Vancouver. Our high-quality snowboard and ski racks offer a convenient way for you to transport your snowboarding and skiing equipment to wherever you want to take it. The team at Burnaby Hitch has provided all kinds of towing products, including snowboard and ski racks in Vancouver for over 35 years. Our experience allows us to provide you with the snowboard and ski racks that are right for your particular needs.  
Are you planning on taking a skiing trip with your loved ones this winter? Our top-quality snowboard and skiing racks in Vancouver will make your journey more comfortable! The snowboard and ski racks we provide will free up space in your vehicle and prevent snow from entering into it. With our racks you can drive safely, without the clutter distracting you from the road. We also offer other products and services like trailer parts, RV towing and cargo carriers.  

What Are Snowboard and Ski Racks?

As the name suggests, snowboard and ski racks safely provide a place to store your snowboards and skis while you travel with them. They have a hinge that attaches the upper and lower clamps, and you have to position them on your vehicle’s roof’s cross bars. The cushioning on the inside allows your skis and snowboards to be stored securely.  
We at Burnaby Hitch understand that all requirements are different - while some people might need a large ski rack to transport skis for their family, others might do with a small one for a solo ski trip. We have all kinds of snowboard and ski racks to meet your unique needs in Vancouver.


Why Are Snowboard and Ski Racks a Good Choice? 

Our snowboard and ski racks are a popular choice with our customers, and with good reason. These racks provide a simple way to transport your equipment without creating a hole in your pocket. They’re an excellent choice for occasional use for people who don’t own ski boxes. Storing your skis and snowboards in the racks declutters your vehicle, and allows you to carry more people and cargo with you. Moreover, carrying skis and snowboards inside your car can also bring snow and dust inside your vehicle and make your drive cramped and uncomfortable. Skis and snowboards also have sharp edges, which can be extremely dangerous if they’re in the interior of your vehicle during an accident. Our snowboards and ski racks in Vancouver will maximize your comfort and safety on the road. If you'd like to know more about how our products can benefit you, please speak to us.


We Guarantee Quality  

When it comes to snowboards and ski racks, we value quality above everything else. We regularly update our inventory to maintain a wide range of high-grade snowboard and ski racks from one of the most reliable brands, Rhino-Rack. Their products come with various qualities and specifications, some of which include: 

  • UV protected racks 

  • Waterproof racks 

  • Rustproof racks 

  • Mouldproof racks 

All of our Rhino-Rack products come with a 5-year warranty.  Would you like to speak to one of our team members to discuss your unique snowboard and ski rack requirements? You can visit our store, or call us at 604-444-3373.


Personalized Services

At Burnaby Hitch, we can provide snowboard and ski racks for virtually every need. Our policy of providing hands-on assistance to every client enables us to meet your demands, regardless of what they might be. We carefully assess your requirements and provide you with personalized recommendations. We carry racks in a variety of dimensions to hold skis and snowboards of various sizes safely.


Why Buy Your Snowboard & Ski Racks From Vancouver’s Burnaby Hitch? 

We at Burnaby Hitch carry various kinds of snowboard and ski racks. We have carriers for small loads, holding two skis or one snowboard. Or you can find racks that hold up to 6 pairs of skis or four snowboards. Our sizes vary to accommodate your vehicle’s specifications. The racks are easy to open and load and come with universal fittings and mounts to attach to just about every crossbar or roof rack out there. If you need a roof rack, don’t worry! Burnaby Hitch also sells standard racks and carriers. Our team is also staffed with rack and carrier experts to help you choose the right product to fit your needs. 
Don’t be fooled by these racks being labelled for skis and snowboards. They’re not just for colder months. Rhino-Rack ski and snowboard racks are very versatile. Once winter has gone, you can use these racks to carry wakeboards, waterskis, and fishing pools during the summer.


Get Ready for Winter By Stocking Up on New Ski & Snowboard Racks Today 

Haul your winter gear with the finest ski racks in Vancouver. Visit us today for all your ski and snowboard rack needs. If you are new to skiing or snowboarding and unsure how to attach your new racks to your vehicle, we can show you. Our professional and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to demonstrate how our ski and snowboard racks work.

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Packing for Your Ski Trip Has Never Been Easier

We provide top-notch snowboard and ski racks in Vancouver at reasonable prices.

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