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Bike Racks, Roof Boxes and Thule Roof Racks in Vancouver - Burnaby Hitch


Vancouver is a premier destination for outdoor activities – mountains, forests surround us and the ocean on all sides. If you’re going to explore the great outdoors, hopefully, you have the vehicle for it. Your vehicle should be equipped with everything it needs to withstand the wonders of nature in Vancouver.

Bike Racks, Roof boxes, Thule roof racks, and other Vancouver natural excursion essentials are available at Burnaby Hitch! You can count on us to ensure you are fully prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you to experience.

Roof racks, hitches, and trailer accessories are among the items and services we offer in Vancouver. Visit our store today to learn more about what we offer before your next trip!


Things to Consider Before Buying Roof Racks in Vancouver

The market is filled with numerous roof rack models in Vancouver. At Burnaby Hitch, we understand your dilemma when choosing the right roof rack for your vehicle. Before investing in roof racks in Vancouver, you can consider the following factors:


  • The item or cargo you want to transport and carry.

  • The type of two-wheeler mounting the roof racks offer.

  • Whether you can lock the roof rack.

  • The maintenance and installation procedures of roof racks.

In addition, we suggest you consider your roof rack usage before buying one. Get in touch with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vehicle Accessories You Would Need While Travelling

With the right truck accessories, carriers, and canopies, you can feel inspired when you look north towards the mountains instead of longing for the right equipment to explore your heart’s content. If it helps your truck tow, carry, or contain, you will find it at Burnaby Hitch!


So pack your skis, bikes, and boards on your Thule roof rack and hit the Vancouver mountains this winter fully prepared. Or toss your camping gear in your roof box and leave Vancouver behind to explore what British Columbia offers.


You can take everything you want on the trip without worrying about its storage! Our professionals at Burnaby Hitch can help you make a decision.


Products We Offer

At Burnaby Hitch, you will find whatever you need to prepare your vehicle for anything! We carry a wide range of products and services and the expertise to do that. Visit us if you need any of the following:

  • Ski carriers

  • Snowboard carriers

  • Bike carriers

  • Kayak carriers

  • Canoe carriers

  • Cargo carriers

  • RV braking systems

  • Trailer axles and components

  • Snowplows 

  • Salters

Our Products

With us at Burnaby Hitch, you can choose from various vehicle travel gear and accessories.


  • Trailer hitches: Trailer or tow hitches are used when pulling any hefty vehicle, like a boat. You can choose from an array of trailer hitches based on your vehicle type. Whether you plan to use your hitch on a car, minivan, light or heavy-duty truck, or SUV, visit Burnaby Hitch today!

  • Bike racks for vehicles: Whether you are an active family or solo adventurer, adding a bike rack is a great decision. It helps you carry your two-wheelers on long trips and makes more room for your interior cargo. You can choose from many bicycle racks based on your vehicle and installation techniques.

  • Auto accessories: Running out of cargo space in your vehicle, especially on trips, is something you might experience every time you plan an outing. At Burnaby Hitch, we specialize in cargo carriers or racks for vehicles in Vancouver. We provide customized cargo carriers so that we can serve you better than before.

Invest in Trunk Mounted Bike Racks with Burnaby Hitch in Vancouver

Trunk-mounted bike racks are usually the most cost effective of all bike rack systems and are designed to rest the bike on the back of the car trunk while straps hold the bike in place. The rack has arms and cradles to support the bike.


Here are compelling reasons why anyone in Vancouver should consider investing in bike racks:


  • Trunk racks are ideal for recreational cyclists and can fit on multiple vehicles because of their adjustable fit.

  • Trunk-mounted bikes are lightweight, highly portable, and easy to store. Easy to mount and remove with some practice.

  • Trunk racks often have limited load capacity (2 to 3 bikes is usually the maximum) and once mounted, block trunk access.

  • The effectiveness of the rack depends on how tightly the straps are secured. If not tightened, the bikes may shift or sway while riding.

  • The design of trunk racks makes it difficult to lock the bike to your vehicle if you are concerned about security.


Partnering with Burnaby Hitch for your bike rack needs ensures seamless integration, durable construction, and customized solutions tailored to your requirements. Our expertise and our commitment to quality craftsmanship make us the preferred choice across Vancouver.

Visit our gallery and blog pages to learn more!


Brands We Carry

Some of the brands we carry include:

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Bike Carriers

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Are you planning to add a Thule roof rack in Vancouver? Rely on Burnaby Hitch. Give us a call today. You can also fill out our online form for further questions.

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