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10 Quick Tips on Roof Racks in Vancouver

In the Vancouver area, roof racks are useful for transporting cargo safely and efficiently. They help ensure that you won't be overstuffing the cabin and making the ride uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for your passengers.

Here are 10 quick tips for roof rack installation and use from the Vancouver roof rack experts at Burnaby Hitch: 

1. Install with Care

A roof rack which isn't installed properly might damage your vehicle's paint job, and might even come loose if you start driving fast enough. Take time to read and follow all instructions to ensure that all attachment points line up as they should.

2. Ask for Help

A second pair of hands is always recommended when installing and when loading your roof rack. Don't risk damaging your car or your roof rack by trying to do it all alone.

3. Fight Corrosion

Corrosion will inevitab

ly try to take its toll when roof racks in Vancouver are exposed to the elements. You can help fight corrosion by applying copper grease to the rack's mounting bolts.

4. Balance Your Cargo

The way your roof rack is packed can have a significant impact on the balance and handling of your vehicle. Make sure you pack in such a way that your cargo is balanced and unable to shift during travel.

5. Tie Down Your Cargo

One of the best ways to make sure your cargo doesn't shift and to reduce drag is to tie down large items such as canoes and kayaks, both to the roof rack and to your vehicle.

6. Note Weight Limits

Before packing everything you possibly can onto your rooftop, it is important to be aware of the weight limit of your roof rack and of your vehicle. Overburdening either one can cause damage, wind resistance, and lower gas mileage.

7. Don't Forget Your New Height

Loading up your roof rack will make your vehicle taller than you are used to. Keep in mind your new height, as you may

have to start heeding "low overhang" warnings.

8. Watch Your Speed

Certain roof rack accessories cannot stand up to exceedingly high speeds and may become damaged as a result. Note any speed limits and make sure you adjust your speed accordingly when driving.

9. Remove When Not in Use

It is recommended that roof racks in Vancouver are removed when not in use in order to reduce drag on the vehicle. Storing your roof rack properly will also help fight corrosion and prevent unnecessary damage.

10. Opt for Quali


Correct installation is half the battle of making sure that your roof rack functions as it should. The other half is purchasing a trustworthy, durable, quality rack to begin with. At Burnaby Hitch we carry only the best roof racks in Vancouver. Start with a quality product, and you'll have an easier time using it.

Come visit Burnaby Hitch today to take a look at our collection of Vancouver roof rack systems. Our experienced staff can help you find the best system for your needs.


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